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Assumption College Newsletter - 7 February 2020

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Assumption College Newsletter - 7 February 2020

By Mr Simon Fleming - Principal

Hello to all

To begin, I would just like to say thank you to the Warwick and Assumption community for the welcome that Deb and I have received since we arrived. I have also been impressed by all those directly involved with the College. We have had a very busy start to the year including photos, opening school Mass, Year 7 orientation, Staff development days and the swimming carnival. I wasn’t sure if I was at a disco or a swimming carnival for a while such was the carnival spirit. Congratulations to Romero on the victory and to Donovan for claiming the Spirit award. We have also had two assemblies where academic pins and certificates were awarded. Already I have witnessed the holistic nature of education at Assumption.

I think it only fair to state some of the values that underpin my approach to education. I believe that now more than ever we have a moral obligation to provide the best opportunities academically. We should be equipping our students with the necessary skills needed to connect and achieve success in the current world. Attributes such as resilience, perseverance, grit, imaginative and creative thinking, problem solving and the ability to think critically are now essential for our students. I also believe that each of us has a responsibility to present ourselves in the best possible light. We need to be continually working on becoming the best person who we can become. For this, we gain inspiration from the Gospels and the founding charisms of the College. Catholic education follows Christ's message that Jesus came so that we may live life to the full. In order to do this, we need to provide the learning environment for students to reach their potential and at the same time treating everyone with dignity.

The building works are on schedule and anticipated to be completed this term. This will see a brand new look for the front of the school, a shaded courtyard and a Hospitality centre. We have had preliminary talks with the office in Toowoomba regarding the next phase of the Master Plan which is the building of a new Library.

We welcome the following new staff to the College:

Back Row: Mrs Joanna McKee (Front Office), Mr Michael Cannard (IT Support), Mr Jackson Frawley (Teacher Aide – Ag/ITD), Mr Michael Reedman (English, Humanities and RE), Mr Luke Flynn, (Science and HPE).

Front Row: Mrs Natalie Bennett (Business, History and Digital Technology), Miss Dimity Brackin (Business and HPE), Mr Simon Fleming (Principal), Miss Taylor Jannusch (HPE and Science),  Mrs Marg Grew (Learning Support).


Have a lovely week.



By Mrs Anna Hardy, Acting Deputy Principal

I hope that you have all had a happy and holy Christmas break and are ready to focus on the year ahead with a special welcome to the new families to the College.  I spoke to the students on Monday’s assembly about the importance of getting in and having a go.  It was encouraging to see so many students at the swimming carnival participating and getting into the spirit of the day.  The students who didn’t attend are essentially the ones who missed out on being a part of our College community.  These days are often the highlight of any student’s schooling days and the days that bring back the fondest memories, the greatest enjoyment and a sense of belonging.  Therefore, I challenge the students who didn’t attend to think about getting involved in our next co-curricular activity.  It is imperative that parents support this expectation of the College and not condone the student absence on these days.

As the new school year begins it is vital that parents and students are familiar with our policies and procedures.  Below is a snippet from our uniform policy as a reminder to all of our families.  Adherence to these expectations is a important sign that your child values their place at the College.

The dress code instils in the students a pride, dignity and respect for themselves and their school. This policy seeks to, through the wearing of a set uniform: Create for the students a sense of belonging to the school community and provide circumstance to allow equality for all. 

Girls’ hair is to be of suitable length and style and should not bring undue negative attention to themselves or the College. Hair should be of one natural colour, cut no shorter than a no 2 blade and undercuts, tails, tracks, shaven strips and extreme haircuts which draw attention to the student are not acceptable. Hair must be kept neat and clean – not messy and untidy. Long hair touching the collar must be tied back and off the face. Hair bands and accessories should be plain and simple in the colours of bottle green, lemon, white or navy.

Boys' hair is to be of suitable length and style and should not bring undue negative attention to themselves or the College. Hair should be of one natural colour, cut no shorter than a no 2 blade and undercuts, tails, tracks, shaven strips and extreme haircuts which draw attention to the student are not acceptable, e.g. ‘afro’, Mohawk style, Beckham, ‘mullet’, dread locks, man buns etc. Hair length must not be over the collar or over eyebrow and hair must always be kept neat and clean – not messy and untidy. Boys are to be clean-shaven at all times with side burns no longer than the ear lobe.

The only items of jewellery permitted for girls are unobtrusive, plain gold or silver studs or sleepers, maximum of one per ear in the ear lobe. The only visible piercings should be in the ear. All other piercings are to be removed. A wrist watch and a simple neck chain with a religious crucifix only. Boys are to have no visible jewellery except a wrist watch and a simple neck chain with a religious crucifix only. Any infringement may result in confiscation. Confiscated jewellery is returned to students at the end of each term. No visible tattoos are permitted for any students. If wearing makeup, application should be natural with neutral colour that does not cause undue attention but blends with the skin tone. No lipstick or eyeshadow is to be worn. Fake nails and coloured nail polish are not to be worn; clear only.

This year the College has brought in Sports socks.  Each student will be given a pair this week.  The expectation is that the College socks are worn at all times with the PE/Sports uniform.  More pairs of socks will be available for purchase at the office.

Reminder date claimer

Internet Safety Parent information session for all year levels and community members - 5:30pm Monday 10th Feb at St James’s Hall

Year 7 I-pad handout night will follow at 6:30pm. 

Head Lice

We have had a report of Head Lice at the College. The presence of head lice is a very common childhood occurrence in the community. The primary responsibility for the management and treatment of head lice in students belongs with parents.

In some schools, the management of head lice infestations is a recurring and challenging matter. It requires commitment from the whole school community in a concerted effort to treat outbreaks and minimise transmission. Communication and support within the school community can be conducive to minimising future infestations. Individual schools determine the level of treatment assistance offered to parents in consultation with the school community.

To help with the management of head lice we ask that parents:

* be vigilant in checking their child for head lice or lice eggs. 

* notify the school if their child is affected.

* to treat all infected household members.

For more information: please click on this link:

By Ms Eliza Harris - Acting Assistant Principal - Curriculum 

Welcome back to another exciting and action-packed year for Queensland education. As we welcome our new cohort of Grade 7 students, we also usher in our first Grade 12 cohort to graduate under the new QCE/ATAR system. Years of preparation and planning by our dedicated staff have ensured we are ready for the challenges and opportunities this new phase in Queensland education brings us. With increased rigour and equity at the heart of policy changes made by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority, it is important that our institutional policies mirror these expectations to allow our students to achieve success in this new system. As a result, the College has updated its Assessment Policy, along with the construction of Drafting Guidelines and the QCAA mandated AARA Policy (Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments). These policies have significant implications for the academic success of students in Grades 9-12.

These policy documents are not ground-breaking in their existence, but they do include several critical updates in processes and procedures to ensure we are meeting the requirements of the new QCE system. The following important inclusions must be considered when planning family holidays and events and when assisting your students with homework and assessment items.

  1. All assignment tasks MUST be submitted on or before the set due date. This applies for all instances unless a valid extension based on illness or misadventure is approved by the Assistant Principal Curriculum. Within the new system, it is made abundantly clear that planned absences of student/parent choice (e.g. holidays, family events) DO NOT qualify for extensions. Therefore, it is imperative that you or your student notifies the College in advance of any upcoming planned absences so that assessment arrangements can be made. Failure to do so can result in a student’s draft work being marked, or them receiving no grade for the set task – this has significant ramifications for students in Grade 11 and 12 as failure to meet these requirements could implicate their QCE and ATAR eligibility. 
  1. Student absence for a set Exam due date MUST be accompanied by either a medical certificate, or an approved application for exam rescheduling approved by the Assistant Principal Curriculum. Again, exam rescheduling will only be approved on the grounds of illness, misadventure or a significant and immovable commitment. Please note that sporting and cultural commitments of an extra-curricular nature as well as family holidays and events do not automatically qualify for an extension. The constraints of the new QCE system clearly state that these occasions do not qualify and failure to meet extension/rescheduling criteria can result in your student receiving no mark for the exam. Again, this has significant ramifications for senior students and can impact their ability to graduate with a QCE or ATAR.
  • In instances of an approved planned absence students will sit a comparable exam prior to their absence.
  • In instances of illness/misadventure resulting in an unplanned absence that qualifies for an exam rescheduling, the student will complete a comparable exam at the first opportunity upon their return. 
  1. All Draft and Final submissions of assessment instruments MUST be submitted via Turnitin, or via hardcopy to the student office by 3:30pm on the set due date.

I urge all parents and guardians to engage with the policies in order to most appropriately support your students throughout their academic year. The policies are located on our College website, the student intranet and are readily available in hard copy from the front office. I encourage all parents and students to make contact with the College as soon as possible in the instance of a planned absence that may affect their student’s assessment calendar so that appropriate measures can be put in place. Please also pay close attention to the College calendar as there are several critical information evenings through the year designed to facilitate student and parent understanding of these important changes.

2019 – What a Year!

Before we are caught up in the chaos of a bustling 2020 calendar it is important to take a moment and acknowledge the wonderful efforts of an incredible staff and student body in achieving some outstanding 2019 results. 100% of our graduating Grade 12 class achieved their Queensland Certificate of Education or Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement – truly a testament to their ongoing persistence and efforts and the unwavering support of their teachers. On top of this, it was a banner year for our final cohort to graduate under the OP system with 100% of these students receiving an OP from 1-15. An incredible effort. 

Assumption College’s 2019 NAPLAN results highlighted the schools continually improving literacy and numeracy results, with Assumption ranked as Warwick's highest-achieving secondary school.

We have a lot to be proud of but a lot of hard work ahead – onward and upward in 2020!


Welcome to Grade 7, 2020!

As our Year 7 students transition into high school, their study load will gradually increase throughout the year. This transition will take place as students begin undertaking a shift from formative to summative assessment tasks. A key aim of completing formative assessments is to introduce the students to the types of summative assessment tasks they will need to complete in core subjects over the remainder of the year.

Their assessment and homework requirements are as follows -


  • English, Math and Elective subjects will have summative assessment for their subjects.
  • There will be no summative assessment / only formative assessments for all other subjects during Term 1.
  • By Semester 2 – all subjects will be providing summative assessment.


Currently, Year 7 students will be receiving homework from ELECTIVES, MATHS, ENGLISH, SCIENCE AND RELIGION. By next term they will be receiving additional homework from Humanities and HPE.


Subjects with summative assessment

Subjects which will be distributing homework

Term 1

English, Maths and Electives

Maths,  English, Science, Re

and Electives

Term 2

+ Science and RE

+ Humanities and HPE (All Subjects)

Term 3

+ Humanities and HPE (All Subjects)



By Mrs Carol Sharp, APRE

Theme for 2020

 Sow, Nurture, Grow …. Love

Mass for the Opening of the Academic Year

Last Thursday, January 30, we began the school year with a mass to welcome new students and families into our community and the welcome old students back. The mass was celebrated at the ACW Sports Hall by Fr Franco and was a great opportunity to come together and express what is important to us as a College. The Gospel reading from Matthew reminded students that they are ‘the light of the world.’ We have been created for a purpose and we need to let our talents and the gifts that God has given us shine through. In this way we are showing our love for God and our love for one another.

A very big thank you to all the staff and students involved including readers, altar servers, our wonderful musicians led by Mr Drew Schultz and Mrs Alannah Johnson for her beautiful decoration of our sacred spaces. It was truly a team effort and wonderful celebration.


Pastoral Care Liturgies

Our PC liturgies will begin again on Wednesday of week 3. This is an opportunity for students to celebrate together as a pastoral class. We look forward to Fr Franco joining us for these liturgies.

Liturgy Group

We have begun a liturgy group at ACW comprised of both staff and students. The idea of this group is to provide everyone with an opportunity to contribute to the development of liturgies in order to make them more meaningful and engaging. We require people to help in a multitude of ways including, designing sacred spaces, choosing readings and songs, singing and producing PowerPoints etc. I strongly encourage all students to consider this as an opportunity to contribute to the College in a unique way. Just listen to the notices for when meetings will occur or come and see me (Mrs. Sharp) in room 104.

Enhancing Catholic Schools Identity Project (ECSI)

In the week before students returned to school, the staff of ACW were busily engaged in a range of meetings and activities to prepare for the year. One of the days was dedicated to providing staff with feedback from the ECSI project that we participated in last year. The surveys completed by students, staff and parents have all been compiled into a report to provide guidance and direction for how we ensure we maintain a visible and authentic catholic identity. On the day, we used this report to provide feedback on our ongoing review of the Vision and Mission statements that was commenced last year. From here, our Vision and Mission committee will meet again and finalise these documents. We will also form a committee to develop a strategic approach to implementing the recommendations of the ECSI report.

Thank you to all the staff for thoroughly engaging with the report and the activities completed on the day. Also, a special thanks to Angela Travers from the Formation and Identity team in Toowoomba Catholic Schools Office from guiding us through the report on the day.

Upcoming Events

  • Friday 21st Feb – Caritas Just Leadership Day
  • Tuesday 25th Feb – Year 7 Hatch Retreat (held at ACW, students to wear sports uniform)
  • Wednesday 26th Feb – Year 8 Hatch Retreat (held at ACW, students to wear sports uniform)
  • Wednesday 26th Feb – Ash Wednesday liturgy (Held during PC time in house groups)


A Student's Prayer for a New School Year

Lord Jesus, I ask for Your help as I begin this new school year.

Allow me to experience Your presence in the many blessings You put before me.

Open my eyes to the new challenges and exciting opportunities that this new school year brings.

Open my heart and mind to new friends and new teachers.

Give me a generous spirit to be enthusiastic with my studies and courage to accept new opportunities.

Help me to be attentive to my teachers and let me experience Your presence in my new friends.

Jesus, inspire me to do my best this year!



By Mrs Alison Porter, Program Leader Student Pathways

Welcome to the 2020 school year.  I hope that students and families enjoyed the Christmas break. It has been a busy start to this year, with many courses, programs and events happening already in careers and vocational education.

Congratulations to our newest School-based Trainees and Apprentices

Many students have been signed up into school-based traineeships or apprenticeships this year already. Congratulations and best wishes to these students and a big thank you to those local businesses that have provided these opportunities and supporting these students in their pathways.

Congratulations to Zoe Kasper, Sarah Balfour and Daniel Fischer on their recent sign-ups. I offer them best wishes for success in their work and training.

Certificate II in Rural Operations

Just a reminder to parents of the school course in rural operations that students have their practical session at the Warwick campus of TAFE every Friday morning. Students are welcome to make their way directly to the TAFE campus on Fridays.

They will need to wear a long-sleeved work shirt, long work pants, work boots (preferably steel capped), a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen. Students should also take pen and paper and a bottle of water. At the finish of the session students will return to school to have lunch and commence school lessons.

Students are welcome to drive between campuses but will need to provide a note from parents, including those students who wish to travel as a passenger in another student’s vehicle. On days of poor weather, the college will ensure the transportation of students from the TAFE campus back to school.

Lastly, we are still waiting for some TAFE enrolment forms for Year 11 students in this course to return to school. If these could be returned promptly that would be appreciated. We are also in the process of organising the College work shirts, as we did for current Year 12 students and for Year 11 students new to the rural operations course.

If any parents should have any queries or concerns about any of these arrangements, please contact me at the College.

University Showcase for Year 12 Students

Year 12 students studying for an ATAR are invited to attend the annual ‘University Showcase’ being held at Warwick State High School (date TBA). The showcase involves approximately four universities, plus other tertiary educational organisations, co-ordinating a visit to Warwick.

The showcase includes a panel of speakers delivering a 20-30 minute presentation on general tertiary information. Topics include pathways to university, costs, how to apply, accommodation, lifestyle and transition issues. 

Afterwards there is time available for students to visit tertiary exhibits, speak to exhibitors and collect relevant information. It is a good opportunity for students to get first-hand information regarding tertiary study. A permission letter will be going home to Year 12 students with more information and the finalised date.

UCAT Applications are open

Registration for the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) are now open. Any Year 12 student considering university study in the fields of medicine, optometry, dentistry and such should consider whether they need to sit UCAT.

UCAT is a requirement for application into some medicine and health courses at the range of universities. For more information students should see the careers website or visit

For more careers information, tips and news please view with careers newsletter that is regularly emailed to Year 10, 11 and 12 students or view it online at

By Mrs Julie Collins - Program Leader Sport

Swimming Carnival

Congratulations and thank you to all students who attended the carnival.  Whether you competed, cheered or danced your participation was appreciated by your house members and staff.

Congratulations to all Champions and Runner Up competitors.


12 YRS


Jett White



Runner Up:

Josh Collins


13 YRS


Kai Hill



Runner Up:

Darcy Pitstock


14 YRS


Steven Malbon



Runner Up:

Jack Wright


15 YRS


Jackson Pitstock



Runner Up:

Lachlan Collins


16 YRS


Morgan Bourke



Runner Up:

Zane Brown




Luke Hauff



Runner Up:

Jack Hill

Jacob Meddleton




12 YRS


Lauren Trotman



Runner Up:

Caitlyn Rhodes


13 YRS



Katelyn Fischer

Imogen Fox



14 YRS


Alyssa White



Runner Up:

Casey-Lee Shelton


15 YRS


Lily Osborne



Runner Up:

Macey Hill


16 YRS


Nella Ryan



Runner Up:

Ella Briggs




Anna Eckersley



Runner Up:

Faith Kelly



Records Broken




Boys 12 years 100m Freestyle

J. White


Girls 12 years 100m Freestyle

L. Trotman


Girls 14 years 50m Butterfly

A. White


Girls 15 years 50m Backstroke

L. Osborne


Girls 15 years 50m Freestyle

L. Osborne


12 Years Boys 4 x 50m Relay




THE ASHES (house spirit award)                      DONOVAN

RELAY TROPHY                                              ROMERO


National Track & Field Championships

Congratulations to Kiah and Denika Murray who competed at the Nationals in Perth late last year.  Both girls performed exceptionally well.

Kiah competed in Triple Jump and received 5th place.

Denika competed in Long Jump - 2nd place and the 400m - 4th place.

Awesome achievements ladies!!

DD School Sport Online - New Payment System

The Representative School Sport Online shop has been launched.

It can be found by  Clicking Here  or by the DD School sport website  and click on the Pay Now button under quick links

Students/parents/guardians/schools will use this shop to pay for

Regional trial levies. Students selected to attend the  DD Regional trials will no longer pay their levy at their school office. They will go online to pay their levy.

Payment has to be made 48 hours before the regional trial. No payment means no trial.

  1. Regional team levies & uniform payments for regional team members selected to attend the state championships. Students will no longer will be paying the team manager’s school or the DD Sports Office.

Payment can be made 24/7 and can be made from computers/tablets & mobile phones.

Third party groups that assist students with regional team levies can go online & pay on behalf of the student if they wish to.

Students attending a regional trial will have to be first of all be selected in a 10-12 zone , 13/19 district team or be nominated by their school for school based nominations to go online to pay the levy. No access code is required

Students selected in a DD team will be given a Sport Code to access their respective team site. No code then No access.

DD team officials will also access the site to purchase their uniforms. They will receive a code to access the site.

Below is a link to the how to guide which will be sent with all regional trial information & given to each student who makes a regional team.

RSS How to Guide 2020

By Mrs Mary-Anne Driver 

Welcome to 2020!  We are glad to have Mrs Kirstie Andrews in our busy spot and look forward to more books than ever being read and enjoyed by the students.

In the first two days of school we distributed 1,542 text books to our students.  We reminded students to write their names in them, to ensure after group work that they reclaim their own book and to keep them clean.  Lost or damaged books will result in a charge to replace it.    We know that accidents do happen, and encourage students to come and see us and bring the damaged book to see if we can fix it.

There is a text book Hire Scheme agreement form that must be signed each year.  This is an agreement between you and us to allow us to provide the text books as needed.  Some forms may be sent home as we are missing a few signatures.  Thanks. 

This term Mr Lunn and Mr Baker will be coming in on Mondays to play and teach chess.  If you have a student who would like to learn or increase their chess skills, this is the place to be.

On Wednesdays Mrs Gillespie will be coming in and organising a craft and chat table for all our craft lovers. 

Robotics will be the highlight of our Fridays – Mr Dudin is going to continue the fun Mrs Wooding started last year with a robotics club.

Every so often there will be other activities and challenges happening – they are always advertised  during PC in the morning.

We are so very grateful to these staff who will be giving up their lunch times to offer activities for our students to enjoy. 

As you can tell, there is always a card game or activity to enjoy in the library.  Please encourage your child to come for a visit. 

By Mr Scott Clegg - Business Manager 


  • 1 Student  @ Assumption $80/week x 52 weeks   
  • 2 Students @ Assumption $110/week x 52 weeks 
  • 3 Students @ Assumption $155/week x 52 weeks 
  • 4 Students @ Assumption $210/week x 52 weeks

(The above amounts approximately cover School Fees, Subject Levies & iPad costs. We cannot calculate the costs for Excursions, Camps or Projects as not all students participate.)

If you have a new student starting or an existing student departing you may want to adjust your Direct Debit to suit. Please contact the office for a new Direct Debit form.



Hat $20
Sport Shirt $40
Sport Shorts $30
Junior Girls Tie $6
Senior Tie $20
Sport Socks $6

All of the above items are available from the Front Office.

Thank you.

By Mrs Jenny Gillespie

Beginning Secondary School - Parent Information

Welcome to Assumption College.  For some parents, this will be your first year with us.

New students, whether in Year 7 or from another high school may have mixed feelings about coming back to school. They might be:

  • excited about new friends, subjects and teachers, and
  • nervous about learning new routines, making new friends or wearing a new uniform, and
  • worried about the workload or whether they will ‘fit in’

You might also worry about these issues and wonder if your child will have the confidence and skills to handle them. These concerns are all normal and will generally fade over time as students become familiar with their new school environment.  

When students are making the move to a new school, remember you have the biggest influence on how smooth the transition is. Your child’s friends do influence how your child feels about the move, but your support has stronger and longer-lasting effects.

Keep talking with your child about their new school, normalise their worries but also convey the message that not only do they have your support, school staff are always there to help and can be approached as needed.  

By the end of first Semester, most students will have settled well into their new school environment. 

Pink Stumps Day

Assumption College will once again hold its annual Pink Stumps Day. This will be 7th year and as a community we have raised a total of $11550.58, so far. The Mcgrath foundation do a wonderful job in the care for those in need see below:


About the McGrath Foundation

We raise money to fund McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia. We currently have 135 McGrath Breast Care Nurses, who help individuals and their families experiencing breast cancer by providing physical, psychological and emotional support, for free.

From the time of diagnosis and throughout treatment, our highly-qualified nurses are there to help. While more than 75,000 families have been supported since 2005, more nurses are needed to meet the growing rate of breast cancer diagnosis in Australia. We are proud to have nurses right across Australia including many regional and rural centres, where breast cancer treatment and support may be harder to reach.

The McGrath Foundation has become one Australia’s most recognised and respected charities since Jane and Glenn McGrath’s very public experience with breast cancer. When Jane was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, she had the support of a breast care nurse, who both empowered and comforted her, and her family. This experience set the mission for the Foundation, which has become an enduring commitment: to ensure every family experiencing breast cancer has the support of a  Breast Care Nurse, no matter where they live – for free. We rely on the heartfelt support we receive from individuals, communities, corporate partners and government to continue providing and growing our nurse support across the country and increase breast health understanding.

Together, we can make a difference.


If you would like to donate to ACW Pink Stumps Day - please click on the link below.


Novel Cornovirus Health Infosheets


Cooee is an annual event hosted by Mayor Antonio to officially welcome international students to the Toowoomba Region. The event highlights some of the many benefits of studying in our wonderful region.

Cooee is designed to give our international students a true Aussie taste of our region.  Cooee is a family friendly event that boost wonderful opportunities for our community members to take part in welcoming our international students.


Free Mental Health Workshop