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Assumption College Newsletter - 26th February 2021

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Assumption College Newsletter - 26th February 2021

By Mr Simon Fleming - Principal

At our student briefing on Tuesday our student leaders did a wonderful job presenting what makes an effective learner. Students from Year 12 joined in the conversation providing answers. The characteristics or dispositions they came up with included resilience, self-efficacy, grit and determination, organisation, empathy, ability to solve problems and work collaboratively with others. We will work on these characteristics  with students in pastoral lessons in the coming weeks. All students should have set at least one learning goal and one social goal for this term. I would encourage you to ask your child about their goals so that you can also support their efforts.

On Monday 15th February, the college held an information night for Year 11 parents which was very successful. Mr Bell, Mr Simpson and Mrs Porter spoke about pastoral, academic and pathway issues and events. The slide show from Mr Simpson's presentation is available for viewing on our web site.

There have been many successes already this year. Pink Stumps day was again a roaring success, with over $2,500 raised for the McGrath Foundation. Our swimmers have been brilliant in the pool, smashing a 42-year-old record at the Border District event. At the Warwick All Schools Competition, we had many individual champions as well as overall champions. Miss Slattery will have more details in the Sport news. I would like to thank Miss Slattery and Miss Brackin for the time and effort they have put into the swim team.

We have had a record number of students put their names forward for the debating competition to be held at Toowoomba over the next few weeks. I would like to thank Mrs Bennett for supporting and promoting debating in the college and look forward to seeing how well we compete in this competition. We also have nominations for the Lions Youth of the Year contest. Again, another notable competition that our students are participating in. Our Drama students were also involved in the Grin and Tonic Drama activities and students in Years 7 and 8 had their Retreat days.

Staff also completed a CPR course including basic first aid. Several members of staff also completed a full day certified First Aid Course. Members of the leadership team completed professional development on the Ignite Learning Project and we have had Mrs Fraser, Mrs Retallick, Miss Payne, and Mr Turnbull complete an Impact Coaching course. The purpose is for teachers to be able to evaluate the impact of their teaching more effectively.

On Friday 26th we will have a welcome BBQ for new parents and continuing. This event was cancelled last year due to COVID-19 and whilst we still need to apply some restrictions, we hope that many can make this event. I understand that a BBQ on a Friday during Lent may appear odd, but we will have fish burgers available as well. The purpose is to present our Annual Action Plan and so that you can meet staff.

Have a lovely week.


By Mrs Anna Hardy, Deputy Principal

International Women’s Day – 8th March 2021

To celebrate this day the female senior leaders are attending the Zonta Women’s International Breakfast on the 5th March.  The theme for this year is #choose to challenge.  This is an important message for all of us to consider. 

A challenged world is an alert world. Individually, we're all responsible for our own thoughts and actions - all day, every day.

We can all choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality. We can all choose to seek out and celebrate women's achievements. Collectively, we can all help create an inclusive world.

From challenge comes change, so let's all choose to challenge.

How will you help forge a gender equal world?  Celebrate women's achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Act for equality.

To all the women in our lives – mothers, grandmothers, aunties, sisters, cousins, teachers, friends we wish you a Happy International Women’s day and thank-you for all that you do for us!

Uniform Changes

The College has been in discussions with St Mary’s primary about uniform changes and creating a more streamlined transition to Assumption College with uniforms.  This allows for less of a financial burden on families.  For new families and Year 7 students, there is no need to purchase a winter skirt for Term 2.  The summer skirt will become the skirt female students wear all year.  There will be a phasing in period with this change and others and a letter outlining all details will be distributed in the near future. 


I wish to announce that I will be taking 12 months Maternity Leave at the end of Term 2 this year.  I will return in Term 3 2022.  Therefore, you may notice an advertisement for an Acting Deputy Principal being circulated in the coming weeks. 

By Mr Michael Simpson - Assistant Principal - Curriculum 

Assessment Policy

In the Mercy and Christian Brothers tradition, Assumption College is committed to the educational philosophy that encourages all students to achieve personal excellence in their desired pathways. With assessment fast approaching, it is essential that parents and students familiarise with the Assumption College Assessment Policy.

This assessment policy incorporates the roles, responsibilities, processes and procedures used by Assumption College to ensure academic integrity concerning the completion of work and the submission of assessment (including exams).  

The roles and responsibilities outlined apply to all Assumption College students, parents/guardians and staff, and comply with policies and procedures set down by the QCAA (Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority) and the College.

It includes procedures and processes for:

  • Promoting academic integrity
  • Managing academic misconduct
  • Applying for AARA (Access Arrangements and Reasonable Adjustments)
  • The submission of assessments (including both internal and external tasks) and the administration of external assessment.

Conducting assessment within the Senior Years (Years 10-12) is to ensure that all assessment will be valid, accessible and reliable. Assessment activities will be created by cooperative teamwork, (where there is more than one specialist teacher), or the responsible teachers working with the Assistant Principal Curriculum. The Assistant Principal Curriculum has oversight of the Curriculum and assessment in Years 7-12. All QCAA processes must be followed in the first instance for Year 11 and 12 assessment.

The assessment policy can be found on the College website. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the College.

UPP Certificates

Last week, Year 8, 9, 10, and 11 students received certificates acknowledging their effort and commitment to the life of the College. Students received the award for a consistent approach to their learning throughout Semester Two. The awards were based on the Semester Two report cards and given to student who were given a mark of consistency, 70% of the time, in relation to their learning dispositions.  This is part of the College’s ongoing commitment to creating expert learners, who consistently apply themselves to reach their potential.

By Mrs Carol Sharp, APRE

Social Justice News

Lent & Project Compassion

Last week we celebrated the beginning of Lent with our Ash Wednesday liturgy. A big thank you to our House Leaders who lead the liturgy in their respective house groups. In the liturgy we reflected on the importance of prayer, fasting and almsgiving (charity). Please take the time to read Jamila’s story – she is just one of the people who are supported by the fundraising efforts of Project Compassion. I would encourage our students to reflect on what it is they can go without in order to ensure others may simply have the basics.

First Week of Lent  
(school week beginning Monday 22nd February)

We began our annual Lenten Project Compassion journey by learning about the story of Jamila and her family. Jamila, 22, is a Rohingya woman, living in the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. A single mother, she fled armed conflict in Myanmar to save herself, her elderly mother and eight-month-old baby. 

With the support of Caritas Australia, through Caritas Bangladesh, Jamila was able to access emergency food and shelter. She also received counselling, emotional support and learnt sewing skills, to help her earn an income.  Jamila now feels less alone, with a sense of community around her. She is able to ‘Be More’ to her little family.  

  • 860,494 people remain in the densely populated camps, in desperate need of humanitarian assistance, especially due to COVID-19. (UNHCR)

Watch a short film about Jamila’s story here.

“Aspire not to have more, but to be more.” Please support Project Compassion:


Junior Praxis

In the last newsletter I spoke to you about the Praxis tasks for Years 7 – 9. These tasks involve student giving up a small amount of time for the service of others. All Praxis hours can be met by getting involved in things that are already happening within the school – there is no need to do more outside of school time although its certainly an option if you would like to.

It is also important to note that students have the whole year to met the small number of hours they have been asked to give up. If students are not particularly keen on getting involved in something that is already happening at the school, they can certainly do their own thing. For example, write letters to local, state or federal politicians to advocate for a minority group. I would encourage students to be engaged and talking with their RE teachers throughout the year. If you have any questions, please contact your student’s RE teacher or me on

Masses and Liturgies

Year Level Masses

A reminder that our Year Level Masses begin this week with our Year 10 students walking down to the Church on Thursday morning to join our parish community. Students will gather at 8.45am in the breezeway to walk down under the direction of the Year 10 RE teachers.

Year 7 and 8 Retreat

On Thursday, Feb 18th both the Year 7 and Year 8 participated in their Unleashing Personal Potential retreat. As part of the day they also got to reflect on the theme of being Made in the Image of God. I just wanted to say a big thank you to the students who participated with such energy and to the teachers who supported them.



by Miss Denise Ryan - Chaplain

Hello Everyone,

We have some fun activities coming up soon. In the Library the last two Mondays we have been exploring the art of the yo-yo and the many difficult and cool tricks that are out there. From this fun we have decided to hold our first yo-yo competition. We will have a girl’s and a boy's category and it is up to the students how they want to compete whether it be solo acts or pair/group acts. This will start in on Monday 8th March 2021 in the library at first break. Nomination and judging criteria posters will go up in the library this week and nominations will close Friday 6th of March 2021.  Here are some photos of the kids practicing and relearning the art of the yo-yo.

We are also started out Wednesday lunchtime fun in St James Hall with many different games being played. This gives the students another opportunity to have some fun and relax at lunchtimes with friends while playing some games. It has been awesome to be back in the swing of things as well.  

Last weekend I had the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the Warwick Showgirl & Rural Ambassador afternoon High Tea. This was a lovely event that was able to showcase some extraordinary young girls who are passionate about representing our region in the agricultural sector as either Junior Showgirls or a Junior Rural Ambassadors. We have two passionate students from Assumption who have accepted the roles of two pretty cool titles, Naomi Almond who is our 2021 Teen Showgirl and Abigail Skaines who is our Warwick Rodeo Princess for this year as well, which is an amazing achievement. I can say from experience that the questions that these young girls are asked while completing onstage interviews can be very intimidating. This is a wonderful opportunity for our school to be represented by such two incredible role models for our younger girls. 

Have a fantastic week everyone.

By Mrs Alison Porter, Career Development Practitioner 

Current Opportunities!

When we are aware of opportunities for our students, we do publish these to all. Vacancies and opportunities are published to students via our morning student notices, student email and posted on our school Career Canvas page.

We currently have on offer:

  • A full-time apprenticeship in butchery
  • Work experience (possible lead to apprenticeship) in panel beating
  • School-based apprenticeship in engineering (welding/boilermaker)
  • School-based apprenticeship in heavy diesel mechanic (30 mins from Warwick)
  • School-based traineeship in individual support (aged care Killarney)
  • School-based traineeship in retail/business.

Students can view and print information about these opportunities from the Careers Canvas page and see us at the college Careers office if interested.

Congratulations to our newest School-based Trainees and Apprentices!

Some students have recently been signed up into school-based traineeships or apprenticeships. Congratulations and best wishes to these students and big thanks to those local businesses that have provided these opportunities are supporting these students in their pathways.

Congratulations to Joey Beveridge and Asher-Mackenzie Harre on their recent sign-ups. I offer them best wishes for success in their work and training.

Certificate II in Rural Operations

Just a reminder to parents of the school course in rural operations that students have their practical session at the Warwick campus of TAFE every Friday morning. Students are welcome to make their way directly to the TAFE campus on Fridays. They will need to wear a long-sleeved work shirt, long work pants, work boots (preferably steel capped), a wide brimmed hat and sunscreen. Students should also take pen and paper and a bottle of water. At the finish of the session students will return to school to have lunch and commence school lessons. Students are welcome to drive between campuses but will need to provide a note from parents, including those students who wish to travel as a passenger in another student’s vehicle. On days of poor weather, the college will ensure the transportation of students from the TAFE campus back to school. A letter was sent home to parents regarding further details of the course and expectations of students studying the course. If any parents should have any queries or concerns about any of these arrangements, please contact me at the college.

University Showcase for Year 12 Students

Year 12 students studying for an ATAR are invited to attend the annual ‘University Showcase’ being held at Warwick State High School (Wednesday 17th of March, 2-3pm). The showcase involves approximately four universities, plus other tertiary education organisations, coordinating a visit to Warwick. The showcase includes a panel of speakers delivering a 20-30 minute presentation on general tertiary information. Topics include pathways to university, costs, how to apply, accommodation, lifestyle and transition issues.  Afterwards there is time available for students to visit tertiary exhibits, speak to exhibitors and collect relevant information. It is a good opportunity for students to get first-hand information regarding tertiary study. A permission letter will be going home to Year 12 students with more information and a permission slip to attend.

UCAT Applications are open

Registration for the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) are now open. Any Year 12 student considering university study in the fields of medicine, optometry, dentistry and such should consider whether they need to sit UCAT. UCAT is a requirement for application into some medicine and health courses at a range of universities. For more information students should see the careers website or visit

Pink Stumps Day 2021

On the 12th of February, Assumption College participated in the annual Pink Stumps Day fundraiser. Pink Stumps Day is an important date on Assumption College’s calendar where the community raises money for the McGrath Foundation. The McGrath Foundation is a breast cancer support charity, who raises money to for Breast Care Nurses in communities across Australia and increase breast health awareness. On Pink Stumps Day the Assumption community dresses in pink, donates money and plays cricket. A sausage sizzle, soft drinks and cupcakes are offered, with all money going to the McGrath Foundation. Each year after school, the year 12 students take on the teachers in a game of cricket. The game was entertaining and nail biting, but the students took home the win (52-50) for the first time in six years. Thank you to everyone who came and supported the cricket game.  

This year we raised $2,960.35, which puts the school's total, since 2014, to $16,696.90. This is an enormous effort and a huge thank you to everyone who has contributed.  

We would like to thank Mrs Sarah Worth (Sovereign Hotel) for donating the drinks for the day. We would also like to say a huge thank you to Warwick Screen Printing, Saturn Electrical and N & T Cox Floor Coverers for their generous donations. Another massive thank you to Mr Bell for tirelessly organising this fundraiser every year, it wouldn’t be running without him.  

2021 School Captains.   

Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement. – Matt Biondi

WSSSA Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to all participants and support crew who attended on behalf of ACW on the 18 February. Especially to those students who achieved a runner up or age champion award: Archer Barrett, Lachlan Corney, Kai Hill, Lewis May, Claire Eckersley, Alyssa White, Lily Osborne and Anna Eckersley. Also, to the students who helped bring home the following trophies.

Robert Reid Memorial Trophy for the Most Outstanding Swimmer; Alyssa White and Lily Osborne.

Merv Lancaster Memorial Shield – Open Boys and Girls Relay.

Nell Foote Trophy – Aggregate 16 years and over.

Southern Downs Swimming

The following students represented ACW on the 22February and came home exhausted, with ribbons and huge smiles on their faces after their efforts. Well done to; Archer Barrett, Caleb Brownlie, Lachlan Corney, Jazmine Cruda, Olivia Groves and Gabriella Riordan. Both Archer Barrett and Lachlan Corney have qualified for Darling Downs trials on 3 March and we wish them the best of luck.


Border District Winter Trials

Border District Winter Trials

ACW were once again very well represented on the 25 February at the trials for Basketball, Football, Netball and Rugby League. Over 30 students attended the trials in the hopes of being selected in the Border District team. The selected Rugby League players will attend a Gala Day in Toowoomba on 1 March to compete as a Border District team before moving on to Darling Downs trials, with players selected from Basketball, Football and Netball also competing on 9 March. Congratulations and best of luck to the following students on their selection.

Netball: Heidi Burton & Mikayla O’Neill

Rugby League: Harry Boal, Ryan Fischer, Jack Wright, Lachlan Collins, Augustus Macdade, Dan Howard & Tom Doherty

Football: Declan Clegg, Jacob Walters, Alex Newley, Jacob Darker, Claire Eckersley, Laura Schiewe & Denika Murray.  

The week ahead: Best of luck to all athletes competing at the Darling Downs Rugby League Gala Day and Darling Downs Swimming. ACW are cheering for you!

Cyber Bullying

The department of esafety has some great parent resources for how to support their students online, and if they are being cyber bullied. Please head to: Parents | eSafety Commissioner

For those that are on the receiving end of cyber bullying they are also to report it here: Report abuse | eSafety Commissioner

The esafety commissioner has the power to remove posts etc if they are on Instagram, facebook etc. 

Year 12 students visit SDRC

Mayor Vic Pennisi and SDRC CEO Dave Burges welcomed Assumption College Warwick Year 12 students into Council Chambers this morning to hear from them about the issues that matter to our youth.
It was interesting to learn that an indoor bowls centre, 4x4 tracks and cricket nets topped the list of community leisure activities they'd like to see on the Southern Downs.
It is also comforting to know that the future leaders of our community had a desire to understand the issues surrounding the Warwick Saleyards debate. It was a valuable contribution they made to this conversation.
Shaping the Southern Downs into a great place to live, work, stay and play will open up opportunities for our young people and encourage them to stay in the region once they graduate.

2021 Tuckshop Menu 



NAPLAN testing for Year 7 and Year 9 will take place online in Weeks 4 and 5 of Term 2 this year.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your student’s participation, please contact Karyn Morrison (Learning Support Teacher) at by Friday, March 12.

 P & F

The next P&F meeting will be held on Monday 8th March at the new time of 6pm. The first part of the meeting will be our AGM followed by a general meeting. It would be great to have some new families join us. If you have any ideas for projects that you feel could benefit the school, we would love to hear from you.

Miss Ryan added some fun to the library space on Monday with yo-yos.  It might be the next big craze .. again! 

We can’t wait for our new library that will have more space for everyone – we are planning a VR area, quiet spaces and a space to continue our lunch time fun activities! To help with the cost of these exciting plans, we are looking to collect containers for change at school.  We will be providing special wheelie bins in the courtyards to collect the empty 10c containers. 

Mrs Wooding and Ms Bastion have been working with the year 10s on research skills and have encouraged the students to join the SLQ (State Library Queensland).  SLQ offers a large range of resources for all Queenslanders to access for free.  It is a great opportunity for our students to have access to high quality academic sources, such as academic databases, that can be used throughout high school, university, and beyond.  Please feel free to join yourself, or ask your child to show you how to search the ‘One Search’ provided by the State Library of Queensland.

By Mr Scott Clegg - Business Manager 

Due to the continuing integration procedures for our two new systems, the billing of our Term 1 school fees has been delayed. We expect that this process will be finalised by the 12th of March 2021. 

During this transition stage, and whilst we adopt the new systems, we seek your patience. If you have a query about your school fees account, please don't hesitate to contact our college Finance Officer, Sarah Worth or our Business Manager, Scott Clegg by phone 0746 604 000 or by email and we will get back to you with the information you require.


St Mary’s Parish Family Groups

Are you wanting to make new friends, have some fun, extend your support network, or create a greater sense of belonging in the community?  If you are single, a sole parent, a family with/without children, or a grandparent then a St Mary’s Parish Family Group may be just what you’re looking for.  Family Groups meet once a month for a simple social function (eg. picnics, BBQs, pizza nights, tennis, fishing, games nights) and are low cost/no cost.  We’d LOVE more people to be involved – ALL WELCOME!  For more information contact Family Group Coordinators, Justin and Marguerite Walsh on 0411092841 or the Parish Office on 4661 1033.