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Assumption College Newsletter 12 September 2019

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Assumption College Newsletter 12 September 2019

By Mr Kort Goodman - Principal

Exams and Assessment

Well done to all students on their efforts to complete both exams and assignments to the best of their ability. I would particularly like to congratulate the Year 12 students who sat the QCS test and then backed up three days later for exam block. If your application and the amount of effort you put into the QCS test and in preparing for your exams is reflected in your results, you can be assured that you have done really well.

Year 11 Academic Interviews

As I have continually stated over my time in Warwick, we are committed to working with our students and families to achieve at least one year’s growth in learning for each calendar year for all our students. The achievement of this ambition requires quality teaching to occur in classrooms, consistent effort from our students, each of our families taking the time to reflect on the positives noted on the report cards and to discuss any areas for improvement that are identified.

As part of this partnership I would like to remind our Year 11 parents that our second round of academic interviews will be conducted on the Thursday and Friday of week two term four. I encourage all parents to come along with their son/daughter and have a conversation with the allocated College Leadership Team member about the progress of your child towards their goals. 

Furthermore, it is important to note that all parents are most welcome to contact the College at any time to either speak with or to come in and discuss their child’s progress with their teachers.

Year 8 Camp Kokoda, Year 9 Canberra Excursion and Year 10 Work Experience

Next week our Year 8 and 9 students both head off on their respective camps and our Year 10 students head out to work experience. On behalf of the students I would like to thank Mrs Hardy, Mr Bell, Mr Bruton, Mrs Bacon, Mrs Porter, Mrs Cantwell and the other teachers for the work they have done in preparation for these camps and work experience. I would also like to thank the staff members who have made themselves available to assist with the supervision of these camps and visiting the Year 10s at work experience. I am sure that all of the students who are participating in these events will benefit greatly from the experience.

End of Term 3

As this is the final newsletter for Term 3, I would like to wish everyone a great break. A reminder that a range of information including Term 3 Interim Reports will be forwarded to families over the break. Please be safe and take appropriate breaks when travelling. We look forward to students returning on Tuesday 8th October refreshed and ready to participate fully and give their best in Term 4.

On behalf of all of our community this week we offer a prayer of thanks for the gift of education.


Thank you for the opportunity to learn new skills and stretch my understanding.

Thank you for guiding me through this time of study and assessment.

I lay before you all the hopes and fears I have about the outcome.

May you provide me with a feeling of peace in the knowledge that I have tried my best.

I am grateful that I am always safely held in your love

and I know that I will forever live in your goodness and walk with you always.


Have a lovely week.



By Mrs Anna Hardy, Acting Deputy Principal

Student protection survey

Thank-you to all parents who engaged with the student protection survey over the last week.  If you have any concerns about the survey please do not hesitate to contact us.

I would like to take this opportunity in this week’s newsletter to discuss the College’s pastoral processes and procedures.

The Responsible Thinking Process

Our process aims to maintain a safe, respectful learning environment. As a part of our relocation process students are given the opportunity to identify and take ownership of their behaviour when they choose to disrupt during a lesson. This allows them to make the choice as to whether they would like to stop their disruptive behaviour or continue and be relocated.

When a student is relocated to another class they are given a "Relocation Action Plan". The purpose of completing the plan is so students can: identify and take ownership of their behaviour; identify how their behaviour affects others; and identify what actions need to take place so they can make better choices in the future. This plan is to be completed and returned to their House Coordinator.

The next step in the process involves the student meeting with the House Coordinator, who will review their plan, discuss it and ensure the student has completed it appropriately. In line with Restorative Justice Practices, the student will then discuss their plan with the classroom teacher to "repair the relationship" and negotiate their re-entry into the class.

Assumption College House Points System

Under the direction of the Pastoral Leaders, PC teachers and classroom teachers, students are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of College life. Belonging to a House provides many avenues for students to interact on a social level, to support each other, to learn from each other’s strengths and weaknesses, to develop leadership skills and to actively serve the College and wider community.

Organised activities that will be included in this points system include but are not limited to Carnivals, Spiritual opportunities, Cultural activities, Sporting achievements, Academic effort and success, assisting at College Events; all of which aim to support a sense of belonging and pride in the community.  The overall aim is to encourage all students to be involved in as much as they possibly can. Everything they do can be attached to the points system so they feel they can contribute no matter what their strengths are.  The House points this year will not only include the four carnivals from throughout the year but the culmination of all of the domains mentioned previously.  We have been collating the points throughout the year and this tally is kept on the tv screens on the House noticeboard in the breezeway.  The champion house will be announced at Presentation night in November. 

Pastoral Merit Awards

Our Merit system acknowledges the consistent involvement by students in the four domains of College life; Academic, Cultural, Sport, Faith and Social Justice

There are three levels of merits that students can apply to be considered for.  They work up from Bronze to Gold.  Student qualify for these awards through involvement in the four domains.  Students have been applying for these awards and we will present the second round or Pastoral Merit Awards at our first assembly next term.  The application form is available from the College office or the student’s PC teacher.

Positive Behaviour Cards

Students each have a green positive behaviour card that allows for staff to sign when positive behaviour is demonstrated.  Once the card is full, the student hands the card to their pastoral leader for a printed positive behaviour card to take home and be proud of. 

As always if you have any queries about any of the above do not hesitate to contact the pastoral team at the College.

Rice House – Matt Bruton

Donovan House – Julie Collins

Romero House – Phillip Yates

McAuley House – Bob Bell

By Mrs Carol Sharp, APRE

Feast day of Blessed Frederic Ozanam, September 9.

‘What is your church doing now? Show us your works and we will believe you.’

This was the challenge that Frederic Ozanam received in 1833 during a debate about how the church lives out the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. Ozanam grew up in Paris in the 1800s where poverty was rife and the slums were a place to be avoided. His response to this challenge was to set up the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul which, by the time of his death, numbered upwards of 2,000 members.

This year the challenge has particular meaning for us in our local community. We are gripped by drought and many in our region are suffering from the impact of bushfires. The Gospel calls us to act. We are the church and our faith compels us to live the mission of the Gospel. The prayer of St. Teresa of Avila reminds us that Christ has no hands but ours to do His work.

At school this term, the Saint Vincent de Paul group have certainly been doing His work. These students have organised the canteen that ran at the musical where all profits are being donated to drought relief. And it hasn’t just been this small but dedicated group of young people helping; the whole school community has been involved. Many students who are not part of the SVDP group gave up their night to help out at the canteen. Mrs Stevens’ Cert III Business class have generously donated the profits of their successful business ventures to the cause and the wider community, by supporting these initiatives, have also contributed.

In total we have raised $1500 for the term!

Well done to our students and to everyone who helped.

Bushfire Appeal

This morning our College leaders organised a sausage sizzle and ‘sports uniform’ day to raise money for victims of the bushfires that have affected our region. Thank you to all community members who were able to support them in their efforts to do something practical for those who are struggling.

We would like to thank Saturn Electrical for their kind donation, and a very big thank you to Woolworths Warwick for donating the sausages, onions, sauce and bread, which meant 100% of the money raised goes to the appeal.


In all instances mentioned above it has been the students that are the driving force for action. They are committed to caring for one another and caring for the earth. They are the hands and feet of God and they are the ‘eyes with which Christ looks compassion into the world.’

What a hope-filled future we have with these young people leading the way.


By Ms Eliza Harris - Acting Assistant Principal - Curriculum 

QCS Test

A huge congratulations to our Grade 12 OP students who sat the QCS Test last Tuesday and Wednesday. All students worked to the best of their ability and their commitment and behaviour during these testing days was admirable. All Grade 12 students are working through their second last exam block this week and I applaud their consistent efforts.

The College community looks forward to celebrating some well-deserved results at the conclusion of 2019, as we farewell our graduates to the universities and vocational pathways of their choice!


Interim reports

Term Thee progress reports will be posted home at the end of this term for students in years 7-12. These reports will be indicative of Term Three progress only and will not demonstrate an aggregate grade including Semester One work. As there are no scheduled Parent/Teacher Interviews in Term 4, should your student’s report card indicate that the teacher has requested an interview, please contact the College to discuss your student’s progress with the teacher, which can be arranged at your convenience.

Please make sure the College office has your correct mailing address to ensure that all reports are delivered in a timely manner.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have questions about the events above or would like to discuss curriculum at the College further.

By Mrs Julie Collins - Program Leader Sport

Darling Downs

Congratulations to all competitors who attended the Darling Downs Track and Field Trials. The following students have accepted their selection in the DD Athletics team.

Kiah Murray, Denika Murray, Ryan Fischer and Sam Ogden.


Congratulations to the Junior Cricket Team on their efforts in the finals this week.  The team travelled to Ipswich to play All Saints Anglican College from the Gold Coast.  Although the team played extremely well, they were not lucky enough to come home with the win. 


By Mrs Mary-Anne Driver 

Some students took up the challenge to make some Father’s day gifts, and they were awesome!

We had our pizza party celebration for our Book Week Readers Challenge – that yummy pizza smell filled the library which, in turn, had others promising to join us next year.

Enjoy your holidays, everyone has worked so hard this term, we have all earned our holiday - see you next term.

By Mrs Jenny Gillespie

As a rurally based Counsellor, I know how fed up people become with thinking and talking about drought. I did though want to share information from the QCWA which describes how eligible families can apply for up to $1500 in assistance.  The form (as per link) appears straight forward enough but please contact me at school if help is needed or other forms of rural crisis support.

Public Rural Crisis Fund

Year 9 & 10 Design and Textiles

This term students have been learning about the types of fabric, the characteristics of fabrics and the textile design process. After a visit to St Vincent de Paul and Lifeline they designed and produced a canvas shopping bag that utilised a recycled item and included a functional feature.

Chess Big Day Out

Assumption College is once again partnering with Ted Carter from Carter’s Chess Toowoomba to present the ‘Big Chess Day Out’ on Saturday, October 12 here at Assumption College.  Kids from grades 2-12 are welcome to attend and this will be a great opportunity for our students to learn more about chess, improve their game, and compete in a mini tournament. 

The day runs from 10am – 4pm and costs $25 per student (if enrolled prior to October 10).  Enrolment is via an online form: or visit

For more information or questions, feel free to contact Carmel Wooding at the ACW library


Business Ventures

During Term 3, the year 11 and 12 Certificate III in Business class were required to invent, plan, operate and evaluate a small business venture with the aim of making a profit, with all proceeds being donated to a charity of the students’ choice. Throughout the various classes, 10 businesses were invented and operated, ranging from vibrant and colourful scrunchies to fresh and hot garlic bread.

Due to the students' efforts, the businesses were a raging success; making a combined profit of $1580 to donate to four charities. Most of the profits will be sent to the Drought Appeal to help Australia’s drought-stricken farmers with stock feed, water and financial assistance (total of $933).

A helpful $110 will also be sent to the Red Kite appeal to provide essential support to children, teenagers and young adults with cancer. A staggering $350 will be sent to the PNG Appeal in support of Our Lady of Sacred Heart International School for classroom and sporting resources. An additional $187 will also be sent to the Southern Downs Ark to help improve and save the lives of a range of animals. Whilst these donations may seem small, the student’s believe that every dollar counts and are extremely proud of their efforts. 

By Mrs Alison Porter, Program Leader Student Pathways

Noteworthy items

  • A reminder to Year 12 students that many university early entry programs are closing this month – these are worth applying to as in many cases student Overall Position results are not considered in the application and students can receive an offer for a 2020 university place in November
  • The University of Southern Queensland has great scholarship opportunities on offer
  • Year 10 work experience is next week!

Year 12 Pathways

In recent weeks Year 12 students have had sessions around pathways information. This includes two sessions on how to apply to university as well as an information session to provide information around TAFE pathways and courses.

University of Southern Queensland Scholarships

USQ has announced new automatic scholarships for students with OPs from 1-8. The scholarships will be available to school leavers studying full-time at any of the three campuses at Toowoomba, Ipswich and Springfield. The scholarships will be automatically awarded to students who place USQ as their first preference via QTAC, and who meet the qualifying results.

The scholarships, which are unlimited in number, include:

  • Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship - awarded to 2019 school leavers with OP 2/ATAR 97.5 or above. Total scholarship value of $29,000 over 4 years of study (or $23,000 over 3 years) including a $5000 Study Abroad package, participation in a leadership and development program, plus the opportunity to participate in the Student Ambassador program.
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship - awarded to 2019 school leavers with OP 6/ATAR 90 or above. Total scholarship value of $20,000 over 4 years of study (or $15,000 over 3 years), plus the opportunity to participate in the Student Ambassador program.
  • Executive Dean’s Scholarship – awarded to 2019 school leavers with OP8/ATAR 85 or above. Total scholarship value of $6,000 over 4 years or $4,500 over 3 years), plus the opportunity to participate in the Student Ambassador program.

Full details about these scholarships are available at

Year 10 Work Experience

Our Year 10 students are about to embark on their week of work experience. The aim of such work experience is to give students the opportunity to develop their employability skills and their understanding of the world of work and career pathways. I would like to congratulate the Year 10 students in their efforts to organise their work experience placements and thank their families who have supported them in this endeavour. Most of all I would like to wish our Year 10 students the best for the week and I look forward to catching up with them in Term 4 to hear all about it.

“Good Luck” to our Year 10 students on their work experience week next week!

Brisbane School of Distance Education

On October 16th, the Brisbane School of Distance Education is having an Open Day at the Coorparoo campus. This is an opportunity for students, considering study in subjects via this mode, to visit the school and gather information about enrolment. Any families interested in attending should register their interest at


For more careers information, tips and news please view the careers newsletter that is regularly emailed to Year 10, 11 and 12 students or view it online at


St Mary’s Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) 

St Mary’s OSHC (Outside School Hours Care) opened on Wednesday, 4th September. 

They will only be providing care for school age children at this stage as some adjustments have to be made to toileting and fencing to have approval for kindergarten children. We will notify you when the kindergarten children will be allowed to attend.

Operating hours

The service will begin with after school care only for a few weeks then we will seek bookings for before school care.

Before School Care – 6:00 to 8:30am

After School Care – 3:00 to 6:00pm


Mackillop Hall – upper campus

Lower campus children

Children will be collected by an OSHC staff member from the lower campus front entrance near the school office.   

Please contact Stephanie (Coordinator) of your service if you would like to book in your child or have any questions.

Phone: 0437 921 240