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Assumption College Newsletter 8 November 2019

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Assumption College Newsletter 8 November 2019

By Mr Kort Goodman - Principal

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Students

Over the next week the spotlight will be firmly on the Seniors of 2019 who will conclude their time at the College. During the week they have many farewells including their fun day activity with their cohort, their memories day luncheon with their parents, their pastoral house and class farewells, presentation night for 2019 on Thursday evening and they conclude the week with their Graduation Mass on Friday morning at St Mary’s Church.

These farewells are a sign, that over the time that each of the students of the 2019 senior cohort spent at Assumption College, they became a part of a community and their departure creates a sense of loss for us and quite possibly for them. We would hope that all the senior cohort would acknowledge that their time at the College has had a positive impact on their lives to date and will assist them in the future.

An important role all of us can fulfil is to hold these young people in our prayers. They all have such huge potential to make a difference to our society. Finally, I want to wish the Year 12 students every possible blessing in their lives and ask them to remember that their loving God is walking every step of the way with them. Best wishes Year 12 students take care and remember that no matter what challenges lay ahead of you in the future, you are always a past student of Assumption College, and you are always welcome.

Lord God, we pray for our 2019 graduates.

May they recognise the outstanding contribution that they have made to this community.

Help them to recognise their gifts as they make decisions about their future.

Bless them with a healthy, happy and rewarding future, in which they clearly see their ability and follow their dreams.

May they never forget that you are with them on their life’s journey.

We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.


Have a lovely week.



By Mrs Anna Hardy, Acting Deputy Principal

It's hard for students to learn if they don't feel known and protected. Security is about emotional as well as physical safety.  At the College it is important to us that each child feels safe emotionally and physically.  We encourage students to speak to one of us if they feel unsafe at any time.  There are student protection officers at the College who the students can approach to discuss any concerns they have.  The officers are Mrs Julie Collins, Ms Suzy Krause, Mrs Jenny Gillespie, Mr Kort Goodman and myself.  Students of course are not limited to speaking to only the student protection officers, they are welcome to speak to any staff member they feel comfortable with. 

Emotional regulation is an essential skill that teenagers must learn.  For today's kids, who face an unending barrage of digital stimuli, authentic forms of communication and emotional connection have some steep competition, (ASCD, 2019).  Adults accept cussing, venting, drinking, or stress eating as acceptable ways to process our feelings. We are less willing to allow kids those same opportunities because their expression can be a distraction, especially in school. But just like adults, kids need to feel safe in order to reflect on and learn from emotional experiences. They also can't manage extreme reactions to their emotions at the same time they are learning these skills.  Research shows that when classroom teachers embed social and emotional learning into everyday learning, young people can understand that feelings are normal, and practice strategies and reflection to manage them, (ASCD, 2019).

That's why teaching strategies for emotional regulation, like de-escalation, breathing, meditation, and even writing or drawing about feelings, must all be taught separately from an emotional experience.  Teenagers are going to have ‘blow ups’ but we must teach them to reflect upon this and think about why they reacted this way and essentially how they can emotionally regulate themselves when faced with a similar situation.  Children at every level of development need support, encouragement, and opportunities to practice managing their emotions, (ASCD, 2019).

Emotional regulation is an integral part of our social-emotional wellbeing and pastoral processes at the College.  Through the conversations and the restorative justice practices, Pastoral Leaders, Teachers and the College Counsellor can begin to support and encourage students learn to manage their emotions. There are many opportunities throughout this process that these skills can be embedded.  The social emotional learnings are vital to the student’s development and without these skills academic learning in the classroom becomes difficult. 

ASCD, 2019, Helping Students Peacefully Engage with Emotions, retrieved on 7th November,

By Mrs Carol Sharp, APRE

SVDP Christmas Hamper Appeal

There’s only 1 week left to contribute to the SVDP Christmas Hamper appeal!

All donations go to local families who are struggling this Christmas season and will allow them to provide a wonderful Christmas meal for their family and small gifts as well. We would ask that you contribute what you can.


Graduation Mass

On Friday, November 15th the whole College will attend the Graduation Mass for our Year 12 students at St. Mary’s Parish Church. The mass will commence at 9.30am however; it is important that our Graduation class arrive with their family members by 9am. If you leave it until closer to the starting time it will become very difficult to seat people.

A reminder that all Year 12 students should have submitted two photos to me by now – 1 photo from the time when they were in prep (or there abouts) and another photo from the time when they started high school. These DO NOT have to be official school photos and they do not have to be wearing school uniform in these photos.

If you have not yet submitted these photos, please do so as soon as possible. Photos can be sent to me digitally at or handed to me directly for scanning.

Prayer for our graduating class


By Ms Eliza Harris - Acting Assistant Principal - Curriculum 

This week our Grade 12s complete their last ever exam block amid a myriad of final rites of passage as their high school life draws to a close. I would like to congratulate this cohort on their continued application and effort all the way through to the conclusion of their studies. With some phenomenal personal achievements and accolades to be celebrated at our upcoming Awards Night, it is apt to acknowledge the persistent efforts of students who may not receive the highest academic honours, but whose effort, application and contribution to our College community is a true indication of the Assumption spirit. Likewise, it is timely to extend a sincere thank you to the staff and parents who have significantly supported our Grade 12 students to this point, ensuring that all students transition from high school with the qualifications and grades required to pursue their ambitions in 2020. 

Our Grade 11 students have worked diligently through their mock external exam block sitting some gruelling examinations in an effort to best prepare them for the rigorous expectations of external exams in the new QCE system in 2020. I would like to acknowledge not only the efforts of these students during this time, but the additional and ongoing efforts of teaching staff in designing and preparing assessment instruments to allow students this learning experience. It is through the conscientious efforts of many staff that each student is provided with individualised support and a tailored approach to their learning as they progress through their senior schooling.

Students in Grades 7-11 will continue studying their final academic units of 2019 over the next few weeks, with our Grade 11 students in General subjects commencing Grade 12 work already. In this busy and chaotic time of term, I would remind all students to follow College assessment processes and procedures to ensure that assessment is completed in a timely manner and to the best of their abilities. Should students or parents have any pressing concerns about assessment please do not hesitate to contact me through the College phone or via email, alternatively all assessment related enquiries can be directed to the Program Leaders: Junior – Mr Matthew Kirby and Senior Mrs Kristy Searson.

By Mrs Alison Porter, Program Leader Student Pathways


By Mrs Mary-Anne Driver 

Chess is proving very popular at the moment with three tables being set up every Friday.  Students of all levels come and enjoy pitting their skills against each other and Mr Lunn, Mr Baker and Mr Mackay.

We had two happy PCs as well last week, enjoying their ice cream party from Bookweek – well done guys!

Card games, lego, craft and reading are just some of the activities enjoyed by students in the library.

By Mrs Julie Collins - Program Leader Sport

Queensland State Trials

Congratulations to Kiah and Deniika Murray who have been selected in the Queensland Athletics team.  We wish both girls the best of luck at the Nationals in Perth!  Well done!

Qld Schools Hockey Competition 

Assumption took an U18 boys team to Toowoomba for the 3 day tournament.   Due to our low numbers we also had 2 boys from Warwick State High School and 2 from Harristown State High School play with us. We had 8 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses. On day one we were 4th and put into Division 2. We went on to win this division in our first attempt in this competition. Thank you to all the boys for their commitment and dedication to the team, especially your attitude both on and off the field!

A huge thank you to Mrs Toni Cox for giving up her weekend to travel with the boys and coach/umpire during the tournament.


By Mr Scott Clegg - Business Manager 

Term 4 School Fees accounts are due 22nd November 2019 unless you have a Direct Debit or other payment arrangement with the College.

Parents/Guardians; please sign and return the Text Book Hire (TBH) forms for the 2020 school year. These forms have been issued to you previously and if you have not received them, please contact the College office.

If you have any queries, please contact the College office. Thank you.

Upcoming Drama Performances

This term has been non-stop for our Year 9 and 10 drama students, with both classes currently rehearsing for their end of year assessment.

Year 9 will be presenting Year 9’s are Animals. Year 9’s Are Animals follows a new teacher as he struggles to get through 9F English - the class that nobody wants. The inevitable conflicts with the students and other members of staff, form the basis of this play which questions what good teaching is all about. The play was devised by Richard Tulloch and Toe Truck Theatre in Sydney, 1981, using teachers' own stories of bizarre, frustrating, sometimes touching, and often hilarious incidents. The students have modernised the Australian classic and are eager to perform.

Meanwhile, the Year 10’s have been busily constructing and rehearsing their Collage Drama Performances. Collage Drama is a form of theatre that encompasses different styles of performance such as acting, movement, multi-media, and music. The purpose of this performance is to communicate a political message about issues which effect young people. As such, some themes and language may not be appropriate for children. This production is designed for students to showcase the skills they have developed throughout the course.

The Year 9 performance night is Thursday 28th November. The Year 10 performance night is Wednesday 27th November. This assessment task takes place during the evening, as it is a requirement that the students perform for an audience of family, friends and peers. 

Both performances commence at 6pm. You are invited to attend this performance to see the achievements of your student. It is suggested you arrive from 5:50pm to ensure a prompt start.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Matt Kirby or Rebecca Bastion through the College office.

Barista Course

Year 9 Textiles

Impressive progress is being made on the crazy patch for the quillo.


Be Waterwise